To Respect and Protect


Through passion, we preserve


when I was young I thought I could speak with animals, that I had a divine connection that no one else on this earth had.  Indeed, I thought I was more animal than human.  I would make believe I was a fantastic snow leopard while playing in my grandma's back yard... or that I was a horse running free on the Plains while watching the world go by in the backseat of my parents' car... or even a great African lion protecting my den amongst the blanket forts in our living room.

My dream was to become a wildlife veterinarian - to travel to far off places to help endangered species and to illustrate the Beings I would help.  Today, I am not a vet - but I am an artist.  And through my work, I have always felt I was bringing the magic of animal medicine to you.  Now, I will be able to do so with more than just artistic magic.

I am proud to be working with Wildlife Protection Solutions - 10% of every purchase of fine art or fine art print, will be donated on a monthly basis.

"Wildlife Protection Solutions is an international non-profit which uses technology for the conservation of endangered species.  Since species extinction is now happening 1000 times faster than normal, and we are losing an estimated 25 species per day, our team monitors wildlife in critical habitats around the world to protect against poaching and to develop long-term conservation plans."