Spiked Leather Mask

Spiked Leather Mask


I had a vision during a breath work ceremony a couple years ago, that I was walking in the mountain of ancient Russia. I was outfitted with weapons, furs, a sleigh and was wearing a leather mask. Since that vision, I have been wanting to create a series of masks.
Yielding both secretive magic and powerful poise, masks serve many purposes for the wearer.

This piece has been hand cut, hand stitched using soft black Deer hide and lined with thin, black Deer hide. Embellished with brass spikes - the crown is fitted with rose-brass chain, brass tubing with small brass skulls flanking the temples.. giving it a striking ornamentation.
Mask has a hook and chain closure behind the head as well as sturdy leather ties.

Perfect piece for Burning Man, dance or theater performance or to complete your avant garde look. Is comfortable to wear and stays in its place during head and body movement.

One size.

Fits medium to large adult.

Mask is 4” long in front
Sides are about 5.5” from mouth to ear

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