Night Rises Stingray Mask

Night Rises Stingray Mask


I had a vision during a breath work ceremony a couple years ago, that I was walking in the mountains of ancient Russia. I was outfitted with weapons, furs, a sleigh and was wearing a leather mask. Since that vision, I have been wanting to create a series of masks.
Yielding both secretive magic and powerful poise, masks serve many purposes for the wearer.

By far, one of the most fun and dramatic pieces I have created. I have made corset collars in the past, but nothing like this.
For stage, performance, dance, film or theater… this collared mask brings everything for a dramatic show.
Crafted from cow hide and stingray skin - giving both interesting texture and striking color. The piece is hand stitched and lined with soft black Deer hide. It is embellished with brass studs, spikes and chains to drape the shoulders. An incredible vintage brass and marble belt was deconstructed to make the crown strap and chest pendant. Mask clasps behind head with simple hook and chain. Collar has four vintage lobster clasp closures.
Sturdy, yet breathable and moveable.
ABSOLUTELY, one of a kind.
Fits small/medium adult.

Shoulder width: 6”
Neck/Chest Length: 11”
Back of neck: 9.5”
Neck is about 12.5”around - 2.5 inches tall on side panels.

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