Dust & Relics
relic [rel-ik] - noun
1.a surviving memorial of something past.
2.an object having interest by reason of its age or its association with the past:                          a museum of historic relics.
3.a surviving trace of something:   a custom that is a relic of paganism.
4.Ecclesiastical. (especially in the Roman Catholic and Greek churches) the body, a part of the body, or some personal memorial of a saint, martyr, or other sacred person, preserved as worthy of veneration.
5.a once widespread linguistic form that survives in a limited area but is otherwise obsolete.

We are in questionable times.  The Age of Information birthing answers to hopes, dreams, cures and nightmares.  An age where everything is disposable - foods, fashions, freedoms… an age where lore, mystery and the language of magic has been forgotten.  

Beneath the dusting of time, is life - Spirit.  She has been waiting to rise again, taking back what is rightfully Hers.  She has gracefully been swept within our hearts giving glimpses of Her magic in our day to day.  While we go through the motions of the grind and hear the horrors of The Veil, She has been methodically awakening the eyes of Many.

This is not a time to be afraid.  This is a time to stand - to roar - to rise.  To breathe in unison with what has long been forgotten.  The realm of magic is no longer a relic, but within each and everyone of Us.


The Dust & Relics Collection pays homage to a time we think we have forgotten. It invokes memories of medieval times, of dragons and castles, of elvish folk and creatures of the Night and of the Sun.  With a multitude of one of a kind materials from around the world, rich leathers and simple hand-stitched techniques, these slow-fashion pieces bring remembrance of a forgotten era.  Dust & Relics brings you world-infused fashion with collaborative ear weight pieces between Diablo Organics (www.diabloorganics.com) and Ghost River Art, each one of a kind and never before seen.  This collection also brings you necklaces and earrings holding antiquities from a forgotten era found in the Heartland of the Nation.


In a time where fast fashion has ruled and covered truths, the slow and purposeful creations of Dust & Relics rises from the ashes and awakens the seed of magic within.

I invite you to view the Collection at www.ghostriverart.etsy.com