Dust and Relics Ear Weights - Coral Small

Dust and Relics Ear Weights - Coral Small


Dust and Relics

~a collaboration with Diablo Organics (www.diabloorganics.com) and Ghost River Art - hand crafted weighted earrings - each, one of a kind.~

Diablo Organics is an award-winning body arts jewelry company located in Austin, Texas. They design and create the highest quality jewelry from organic materials including amber, brass, hardwoods, stone, ammonites, megalodon teeth, mother of pearl and others.

Within the Dust and Relics series, Diablo Organics offers their high-quality brass and silver coils,  hoops and saddle  spreaders to the earrings.  An elegant touch to the modern primitive. 

To learn more about Diablo, please visit www.diabloorganics.com 

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Within the Dust and Relics series, Ghost River Art creates each panel drop in careful love using global antiquities, one of a kind relics, as well as repurposed materials.


Created from 8g solid brass Diablo Organics coils, hand cut brown Deer hide fringe panels, vintage red coral beads and vintage Kuchi dangles.

Absolutely, one of a kind.

Each earring is about 9 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

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