Ancient Language Quartz and Wood Necklace

Ancient Language Quartz and Wood Necklace


When I was little, I would be an outdoor wildling most of the time. I built forts and had a very vivid imagination. I would find sticks that would look to me like had some sort of ancient language carved into them. I thought they were messages only I could decipher. I would collect various pieces and stow them away in my forts for further analysis.
I still love finding pieces of wood having been bored by an insect… transporting me to my youth.
This necklace speaks in ancient rhythms - combining wood, quartz, as well as handmade silver and labradorite rosary chain. It is both delicate and powerful - rustic and refined.

Absolutely, one of a kind

Wood pendant: 4” x .5”

Quartz: 2” x .25”

Necklace: 21”

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